We provide scholarship and mentorship programs to allow students to attend further education inline with their chosen career path. We do this by acting as a conduit between people who have resources - contributors and donors - and those who could greatly benefit from those resources - our applicants.

We are currently supporting students in Nicaragua. 100% of received donations go towards tuition and related costs, providing students knowledge, choice, and opportunities they previously never dreamed possible. 



Only half of students entering primary school in Nicaragua reach grade 5. In a country where the population scrapes by on less than 2 USD a day, there are many obvious reasons why youth education is astonishingly low - underfunding, lack of access to schools, kids entering the workforce to name a few. Studies estimate that a Nicaraguan is expected to earn 10% higher wages for each additional year of school attained, yet 72% of the population does not complete secondary school and is expected to remain below the poverty line.

A single year of university tuition in Nicaragua is almost 60% of the average annual income - pricing out the majority of the population, particularly those residing in rural areas, where poverty is more heavily concentrated. 


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