Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our donors, KEY is able to make a meaningful impact in the lives of deserving students, who in turn will generate positive change in their communities. 


Currently, our two main projects are:

1)    providing scholarships for future leaders in Nicaragua

2)  facilitating leadership training programs to support applicants and scholarship recipients along their leadership journey






We’d like to introduce you to our 2017 scholarship recipients.

We are thankful for their transparency and trust in sharing their stories. All profiles have been reviewed and approved by students to ensure accuracy and security.  



Her story

KEY is proud to be part of Denia’s story.  Ever since Denia was a little girl, she wanted to be a doctor with “superpower” abilities to heal and cure the sick. She feels it is her destiny and has made it her objective ever since, never giving up hope even in the most trying of times.



With donor support, KEY was able to provide her with a full scholarship – paying for her outstanding tuition fees and fully covering her tuition and living expenses for the last year of her program, allowing her to complete her studies and achieve her life-long dream of becoming a doctor.


What THE support means to her

In Denia’s words, this gift from KEY “is like someone telling me you are not alone.” 

“I feel extremely grateful. Sincerely, I don’t know how to ever repay or return what they have done for me because it’s a huge relief, sincerely. I’m not saying that all my life is going to be good, but I feel so happy knowing that I am going to finish my education. And, knowing that this person is helping me and on top of it that they don’t even know me, just my story.  I know that she felt compassion, like I have felt as a person, (knowing) that I wouldn’t be able to continue something that every person would want, to finish their degree. Now, I am going to try to continue here and be someone useful."



Once she has completed her studies, Denia plans on helping those who do not have access to medicine and to “do it with all my heart and all my efforts and capacity, without even thinking about them paying me, just doing it, because.”

Denia has recently graduated from her medical studies and is now in her final internship. She recently attended the 2017 KEY Leadership Program.




“I would use my degree to provide free consultations, going to communities, focusing on what the community needs and doing things that help the Nicaraguan people."


"I've had lots of moments of difficulty, (but) I consider myself a winner since I was born. I always try and help people without anything in return ... even though times can be hard I always smile." 


KEY interviewed Marvin while visiting Leon in early 2016. We were awe inspired by his passion for helping people and his humble nature. Shortly after our meeting we received his scholarship application.  A single donor resonated with his story and was able to provide him with a full scholarship with the understanding that he will continue working in the university lab.  This support will allow him to fully focus on his development and achieve his life-long dream of becoming a doctor.

Marvin has recently graduated from his medical studies and is now in his final internship. He recently attended the 2017 KEY Leadership Program.



"Becoming a doctor will enable me to care for the poorest families who have little access to quality health care."


"In my childhood I lived very sad moments in my home…but I learned."


KEY interviewed Janitzia while visiting Leon in early 2016. Her nurturing and supportive nature contributed to her standing out as a natural leader.  Contributions from multiple donors have allowed us to provide Janitzia with a full scholarship in 2016 and 2017.  This support will allow her to fully focus on her studies and have the time necessary to be with her mother during this difficult time.

Janitzia has recently graduated from her medical studies and is now in her final internship. She recently attended the 2017 KEY Leadership Program.




“I like to help others and I think there is no better career to do so than a medical career.  (Once) I finish my studies, I would like to provide assistance to all the poor people who have no money to pay for a medical consultation and in places where the medical services are very limited.  (This way) I can contribute a little to the community with my years of study."


"One must always be willing to help without expecting anything in return even if very little (because it may) mean something great for others.”


Mario is a thoughtful, kind-hearted 23 year old medical student and the first in his family to go to university. 

Mario has been singularly focused on becoming a doctor, with the goal of specializing in paediatrics, ever since he was a young boy who survived open heart surgery when he was six months old.  When he is a doctor Mario plans on dedicating his practice to assisting those who cannot afford medical care.  



The KEY team met Mario while visiting Leon in early 2016. His gentle nature and clarity on his future direction stood out as leadership qualities.  Contributions from multiple donors have allowed us to provide Mario with a full scholarship in 2016 and 2017.  This support will allow him to fully focus on his studies towards achieving his goal to become a specialized paediatrics doctor. 

Mario has recently graduated from his studies and is now in his internship. He recently attended the 2017 KEY Leadership Program.

CArlos P


To learn English so he can get a good job that will better his and his families future.


"I learned that everything we want, we can do."

ON THE KEY LEAdership Program

"I’ve never been with a group of people that fills me with so much love. It made me feel very emotional and also helped me understand a lot of things. "


KEY interviewed Carlos while visiting Jiquilillo in early 2016 and learned that he was in need of financial support to finish his studies. One year later, he demonstrated his leadership qualities by speaking to us in English, for the first time, with the aim of helping his friend have a similar opportunity to complete his studies. It took compassion and courage to do this. 

Carlos is the recipient of a full scholarship and, in 2017, attended the KEY Leadership Program. 




3nd Year - Management of Tourism Companies


"I want to continue to learn more about the world so I can make something good where I live, create a good life for myself and my family, and community. Right now in my community people go day to day, some are drinking, and not thinking about the future. I want to help my community think further into the future."  


"Many people think I'm crazy when I talk about my dreams. They think it’s crazy because I am Nicaraguan and they are used to seeing Nicaraguans do what they’ve always done - fish.  I learn a lot from tourists and now believe that I can do different things. I want to create solutions in the community to help people think differently. "


At 24 years old, Carlos is a young man with dreams too big for his tiny fishing village. Carlos is studying tourism in university with the hopes of starting his own tour company one day so he can share the beauty of his country with visitors, who quickly become friends and are treated like family.  Carlos’ family lives off the land – farming and fishing has been their only way of life.  Until starting university and going on school trips, Carlos has never had the opportunity to venture and see much of his own country.  The more he travels and continues to learn about other cultures and languages, the more Carlos is certain that providing visitors with the opportunity to experience a genuine and raw side of Nicaragua is vital to precipitating positive, meaningful change for both the visitor and the local communities.  He's recently taken steps towards guiding tours in his local village to showcase the natural beauty that surrounds him.


Carlos is the recipient of a full scholarship and, in early 2017, attended the KEY Leadership Program. His scholarship has enabled him to continue learning about his own country and also other languages and cultures.  By expanding his worldview, Carlos plans to translate his studies into positive experiences for visitors and become an influencer and leader in his community.



KEY LEadership Program 'Unlock Potential'

The KEY Leadership Program is an explorative and experiential program to support future leaders to ‘unlock’ leadership potential. The program considers the importance of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to living our fullest lives and being influential leaders. 

Thanks to our contributors, our first KEY leadership program was a huge success. This experience was truly magical. 

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