Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our donors, KEY is able to make a meaningful impact in the lives of deserving students, who in turn will generate positive change in their communities. 


Currently, our two main projects are:

1)    providing scholarships for future leaders in Nicaragua

2)  facilitating leadership training programs to support applicants and scholarship recipients along their leadership journey






We’d like to introduce you to a few of our inspiring scholarship recipients.

We are thankful for their transparency and trust in sharing their stories. All profiles have been reviewed and approved by students to ensure accuracy and security.  




Her story

Angelica is 25 years old and in her fifth and final year of medical school, the first in her family to go to university.  A single child, abandoned by her mother when she was a baby, Angelica grew up with her father - who worked in the army - and her grandmother.  Her grandmother would bake and make candies to sell in the market to support the family. 

In 2012 her grandmother fell ill with gastric cancer and passed away.  Her father had chronic kidney disease and, just a year and a half after losing her grandmother, Angelica lost her dad too - her entire life and support system came crashing down.


her dream

"I don't want you to help me because of my sad story, but because of my potential to serve, my vocation, my wish for improvement, and for that desire I have in my heart to be the next generation of heroes in this world.  I won't tell you that I'm the best person in the world, but I can tell you that with this opportunity, I will show the world that with perseverance and faith everything is possible.  I have dreamed by being part of Doctors Without Borders.  I want to give my life to the service of people in need.  That's my dream - dirty shoes and a stethoscope on my neck."


key's contribution

With the generous support of a single sponsor, KEY is providing a full tuition scholarship for Angelica to finish medical school, ensuring her dreams come true, and the dedication of her father and grandmother are honoured.



HIS story

Henry is 22 years old and lives in a very small village in the mountains of Nicaragua.  He is the fourth of nine children and his family has a small farm.  No one in his family has ever gone to university.  In the rural parts of Nicarauga, completing highschool is a rare achievement, as many teens need to work to support the family, and school is far away.

his Dream

As a child, Henry was filled with doubt, wondering:

"Can I?  Will I be okay?  Will I be capable?  But in the end I understand that in life things are not as I thought before.  Today I'm sure that every human being is capable of what they want to be in life, when they want, as long as they set goals to achieve the dream."

Henry's doubt and fears have transformed into dreams - his goal is to become a nurse and contribute to the well-being of all. 

words of gratitude

With the generous support of the Toronto yoga community, that came together through fundraisers, KEY is providing a full scholarship for Henry to go to university to pursue his passion of becoming a nurse.  Henry shares his heart of gratitude:

"Thank you for your unconditional support.  Now I have new hopes to fulfill my dreams.  Thank you infinitely, for dedicating time out of your life, so that others can achieve what they want in their lives, when before it was impossible to do."



"Becoming a doctor will enable me to care for the poorest families who have little access to quality health care."


"In my childhood I lived very sad moments in my home, but I learned that no one - absolutely no one - has to live for, or allow this type of violence."


KEY interviewed Janitzia while visiting Leon in early 2016. Her nurturing and supportive nature contributed to her standing out as a natural leader.  Contributions from multiple donors have allowed us to provide Janitzia with a full scholarship.  This support will allow her to fully focus on her studies and have the time necessary to be with her mother during this difficult time.

With a full scholarship from KEY, Janitzia graduated from medical school in 2017 and is now in her final internship!




“I like to help others and I think there is no better career to do so than a medical career.  (Once) I finish my studies, I would like to provide assistance to all the poor people who have no money to pay for a medical consultation and in places where the medical services are very limited.  (This way) I can contribute a little to the community with my years of study."


"One must always be willing to help without expecting anything in return even if very little (because it may) mean something great for others.”


Mario is a thoughtful, kind-hearted 23 year old medical student and the first in his family to go to university. 

Mario has been singularly focused on becoming a doctor, with the goal of specializing in paediatrics, ever since he was a young boy who survived open heart surgery when he was six months old.  When he is a doctor Mario plans on dedicating his practice to assisting those who cannot afford medical care.  



The KEY team met Mario while visiting Leon in early 2016. His gentle nature and clarity on his future direction stood out as leadership qualities.  Contributions from multiple donors have allowed us to provide Mario with a full scholarship in 2016 and 2017.  This support will allow him to fully focus on his studies towards achieving his goal to become a specialized paediatrics doctor. 

Mario has recently graduated from his studies and is now in his internship. He recently attended the 2017 KEY Leadership Program.



To learn English so he can get a good job that will better his and his family's future.


"I learned that everything we want, we can do."

ON THE KEY LEAdership Program

"I’ve never been with a group of people that fills me with so much love. It made me feel very emotional and also helped me understand a lot of things. "


KEY interviewed Carlos while visiting Jiquilillo in early 2016 and learned that he was in need of financial support to finish his studies. One year later, he demonstrated his leadership qualities by speaking to us in English, for the first time, with the aim of helping his friend have a similar opportunity to complete his studies. It took compassion and courage to do this. 

Carlos is the recipient of a full scholarship and attended the KEY Leadership Program. 




"My goal is to set up a medical clinic where the poor population will be helped in a humanitarian way.  My greatest pleasure will be to serve the population by alleviating their pain, making consultations at low cost and free for those who cannot pay.  I am conscious that I will never be able to pay back the sacrifice that my family has made, but once I become a doctor, I will help them in everything that is within my reach and serve my people with my knowledge."


Ramon is 21 years old.  His family has a small farm in the mountains and his mother gathers pine needles to make and sell crafts to further support her family.  They've done everything they can to support their son's dreams.  

Two years ago Ramon had to drop out of university due to economic struggles.  Ramon shares the depth of his parents' sacrifice, "many times they would stop eating so as not to misuse the money for my monthly payments - tuition and the cost of equipment (books, surgical instruments, stethoscope, etc)."

KEY director Azure met Ramon in Nicaragua during a KEY Leadership Retreat and immediately was drawn to his kindness and potential.  "With Ramon it was a gut feeling, intuition and light I saw in him immediately.  He is going to do big things and I want to back anyone up who is wanting to make an impact on the world."  

Thanks to a full scholarship sponsored by Azure, Ramon has returned to university and in his second year of medical school. 


We are so grateful to be able to connect these kind souls together. There is immense power in opening our hearts to support one another, in allowing ourselves to be affected by one another.


KEY LEadership Programs 'Unlock Potential'

In addition to financial support, KEY is dedicated to providing the students with ongoing mentorship and leadership training to ensure they reach their full potential as influential leaders and to equip them with tools for success and resiliency.  

Our Leadership Program participants share:

"It is an honor for me to express, from the deepest part of my heart, the enormous gratitude I have for KEY Education Project. Thank you for participating in this great adventure of our lives. Hopefully in this world, there exists more people like you - that together we can change the world. Thank you for making us so happy."


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