make a meaningful difference

Our ambassadors are influencers in their communities.  They share their talents by hosting fundraising events for KEY Education Project - creativity is the only limitation.


If you...

  1. Love what KEY stands for
  2. Want to shout our message from the highest volcano in Nicaragua
  3. Feel compelled to rally the troops together in support of our cause  

You may be a great fit for our KEY ambassador program.


Their selfless service to a cause greater then themselves is admirable beyond our praises. Let us introduce you to our crew in hopes that you get inspired by their stories. 



Synne is one of the wisest, most caring humans to grace this planet.  At thirteen years old, she inspires us all to do what we can to make a difference in this world.


Synne lives in Norway, where you can return bottles for recycling, earning 10-25 cents per bottle.  She went door to door in the middle of winter, asking neighbors for bottles, with the goal of raising enough to provide a full scholarship for Carlos to continue studying English in university in Nicaragua.  

her heart for key:

"KEY is important to me because it shows what a difference we can make when we come together.  KEY shows how the education of one student will benefit them and their family for the rest of their life, but also their communities.  KEY allows people to live to their fullest potential which would otherwise have been impossible because of the cost.  KEY is developing future leaders who will contribute and create a better future for their community.  KEY is empowering individuals who will continue to empower their world.   

Education is so important for individuals and for a society to function properly.  With knowledge we can develop, we can grow, and we can share that with others.  With education, you can use that knowledge to help others and create a better life for others and yourself.   

Giving back is incredibly important.  I live in a country where I have so many privileges - free education, free medical care, and more than enough of what I could ever need.  And giving a bit back to others is the least I could do.  Giving comes from a sense of gratitude, no matter how big or small.  Gratitude makes us want to share and help others.  And if I - who is so lucky to live in this abundance - do not give back, who else is supposed to? 

We do not need to have everything in order to give back, because giving is so much more about the heart than it will ever be about material.  I believe we should give what we can of ourselves - whether that is an act of kindness, a donation, a hug, or whatever we can give from our hearts in this very moment.  Giving brings such joy to both the receiver and the giver.  Giving from our heart does not make us feel that something is missing in our heart.  Giving from our heart FILLS our heart."


Synne raised enough to provide a full university scholarship to Carlos, so he can continue to study English and reach his dream of sharing his knowledge with the kids in his village.  



Captured by Alex C.D Photography

Captured by Alex C.D Photography

words of wisdom:

"The power of community is infinite!  Let's be the change on a regular basis!  One breath at a time, one smile at a time." 



As a yoga teacher in Quebec at Studio M Yoga, Valentine holds regular karma classes by donation in support of KEY.  She guides her students to explore possibility, strength and freedom in their practice.  Valentine has raised enough to provide a full university scholarship but continues to asks herself, "How can I give more?"     


her heart for key:

"I truly believe that Education and Love can make a huge difference in the whole word and in people's life, and for me KEY embodies both. When I read the KEY students' notes, when I see their smiles, when Su talks to me about the hugs and the laughs and the tears when they meet each other... it just feels RIGHT in all the cells of my body.

This is what we are meant to do on this Earth: providing access to education in order to be able to grow and have a positive impact on our society, and giving love unconditionally even when we are miles and miles apart! 

We are all human. 

We are all connected. 

And by supporting KEY, I'm supporting Life in a larger way.  I'm showing the world how powerful a community is when we act together and how this is all worth it."




Sandra is an English teacher and yoga instructor in Vancouver.  She devotes her life to encouraging and empowering others to live their best self.


"Helping students realize their potential is the greatest gift I can imagine.  I spend most of my time (either in the classroom or the yoga studio) helping students cultivate their own greatness and path.  I love that KEY is providing the same opportunities to students in Nicaragua.  What strikes me the most is the direct impact these students will have in their own communities.  Each scholarship winner is hoping to make a difference in their immediate surroundings, and with education and opportunity, that becomes a real possibility!"


Sandra holds ongoing yoga fundraisers with all proceeds supporting KEY!


As a teacher Sandra understands the unparalleled power of education.

"Even the most intrinsically talented people need training.  And good education always goes beyond the textbook.  No matter what profession we're talking about, people always need to learn interpersonal and communication skills, and to dig deep to uncover their own values.  KEY goes beyond just handing over a scholarship; they care about the individual and are committed to providing them with essential skills and relationships so that they become leaders as well as professionals." 





She was born into philanthropy. She loves yoga (we do too!) and travel (of course, we do too!).


#BeTheKEY Campaign - a worldwide campaign to raise funds and spread awareness around the importance of accessible education and empowering young leaders


"I have a chameleon soul - always shifting, never the same."


Her aim is to raise $3000 and provide 3 university scholarships. 




He got dirty for a great cause.


Mud Hero Run, Finishing Time - 1 hour 53 mins

memorable moment:

"I smashed the 588 peons behind me who ate my mighty dust!"


Thanks to the support of his family and friends, he raised $885 to help kids further their education - Whoot! 



If you have an existing event that you'd like to add a charitable cause to or an idea for a fundraising event, we'd love to hear from you.